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"Cause of Death: Uncovering the hidden history of AIDS on the New York Times obituary page.” Slate (December 2018)

The New York Times may be known as the “newspaper of record,” but nearly four decades ago, when the AIDS crisis began to ransack American cities, the publication’s coverage was sparse and far from dependable. The paper’s earliest archives of the period are as much a testament to the pervasive cultural prejudices of the time as they are study in bias-borne editorial neglect. Read more here.

“I Didn't Know How To Be A Partner To Someone Who Was Grieving — Until I Read These Books.” Bustle (August 2, 2019)

I discovered the book during the second winter of a very long year. It began with the sudden death of a childhood friend and ended the following winter when my boyfriend’s mom, Susan, died unexpectedly at 58. I was young and still learning how to be a partner in an adult relationship, so being a partner in a time of unforeseen trauma was something I wasn’t prepared for at all — until I found Joan Didion.

"The Catholic Church Was My Home. I Feel Like It’s Betrayed Me.” Buzzfeed (September 2018)

When news broke that my youth group’s founder was a serial sexual abuser, I left the church for good. Ten years later, the Catholic Church is in just as bad — if not worse —shape.

"Dancing in the Dark: Queer History is Often Presented as a Series of Dour Protests. But Fun Was Just as Important," Slate (March 2018) 

When we think of queer history as a series of tragedies and protests, we miss the fun and joy that fueled the movement.

Trump Threatens the NEA,” Paste (January 2017)

“Art is always going to take the first hit because, from a political point of view, it’s the first target, so that’s why I think the NEA will be chopped first.” —Sam McKinnis

Frank Lloyd Wright and the Confused Sense of Place, Ampersand (October 2017)

“What I ultimately hope to do with the work is break from the normal celebratory discourse around modernism and propose that Hollyhock House would not have even happened had Frank Lloyd Wright not been exposed to ancient Mayan architecture when he traveled to Mexico and Central America.” —Clarissa Tossin